Trocha intimností


Michael Jackson: Moje první holka, Tatum O´Neal, ona vyhrála Academy award za Paper moon.... bylo mi 16, jí 13. A já jsem byl naivní. Chtěla dělat všechno a já jsem vůbec nechtěl sex, protože jsem jako Svědek Jehovův musel dodržovat spoustu pravidel. Řekl jsem „zbláznila si se?“ Jedno z nich bylo, být na každého milý. Když jsem držel Tatum za ruku bylo to kouzelné, lepší než cokoliv, lepší než líbání, cokoliv. Ona, Ryan a já jsme šli do klubu a sledovali kapelu a pod stolem mě držela za ruku a ja tál. Bylo to kouzelné. Ohňostroje uvnitř mě. Bylo to vše, co jsem potřeboval. Ale pro dnešní děti to nic neznamená. Ona vyrostla moc rychle. Nebyla nevinná a to já mám rád (tu nevinnost). Pak Brooke Shields, to byla jedna z mých životních lásek. Hodně jsme randili. Její fotky byly všude na mé zdi a zrcadle. Byl jsem s Dianou Ross na Academy Awards a ona přišla a říká: „Ahoj, já jsem Brooke Shields, půjdeš na afterparty?“ řekl jsem „yeah a roztál jsem“ Bylo mi kolem 23 ... během Off the wall. Říkal jsem si „ví, že mám její fotky po celém pokoji?“ a šli jsme na party a ona říká „Zatancuješ si se mnou?“ a šli jsme na parket. Dali jsme si čísla a já byl vzhůru celou noc, točil jsem se dokola ve svém pokoji, tak šťastný. Měla úroveň. Měli jsme jeden spor, když se dostalo na vážné intimnosti a já couvnul. Lisa.... jsme stále přátelé, ale vyhýbá se mi. Zrovna si změnila číslo a nemáme teď svá aktualní.

Rabín Schmuley: Takže ženy, se kterýma jsi randil, ty, co byly chytré a nevnucovaly se ti, byly ty co tě více zajímaly, ty co nebyly úplně dostupné a musel si je trošku lovit?

Michael Jackson: Ty co byly na úrovni a tiché a ne na všechen ten sex a všechny šílenosti, protože já na to nejsem.

Rabín Schmuley: To jsou ty, co tě nejvíce zajímají?

Michael Jackson: Aha. Nerozumím ve vztazích hodně věcem a nevím jestli někdy budu. Myslím, že to je to, co mě zraňuje ve vztazích, protože nechápu, jak můžou lidi dělat některé věci, co dělají.

Rabín Schmuley: Podlé věci?

Michael Jackson: Podlé věci a vulgární věci s jejich těly. Nechápu to a ublížilo to mým vztahům.

Rabín Schmuley: Takže láska je pro tebe něco velmi čistého?

Michael Jackson: Velmi čistého. Některé věci mě šokují.


Michaela by zřejmě šokovaly také údajné vzpomínky jedné z jeho obdivovatelek, která vydala knihu s názvem Remember the Time, podle jedné z Michaelových písní. Nutno dodat, že kniha  

I read on your website that it was at the age of twelve that you felt drawn to one entertainer in particular. Would you tell us how their music affected you?
I was extremely drawn to the music of the Jackson Five and particularly that of Michael Jackson. I always felt he was singing directly to me. When Michael would sing I’ll Be There, I personally felt that he was telling me that he would be there for me. He made me feel like there was someone who actually loved me. I wanted him to be proud of me so the direction my life took was to make him proud.

Theresa, there are alot of young people that are infatuated with certain entertainers: having all their records, posters and any article that they appear in. What were some of the things you would do to get to know Michael Jackson better?
I wrote Michael Jackson constantly….Okay, I wrote him almost every single day and I kept track of the letters (smile). I didn’t write the normal fan letter. I wrote him about my life and everything that was going on it. I read everything that I could find about him. I would question some of the things that I read. But my letters were more geared towards telling him about my school grades, how my day would go and what I did in camp, etc. I learned how to get his home address under the freedom of information act because the post woman was tired of my sending him gifts to a P.O. Box. I never acted like a groupie and I never tried to have a sexual relationship with him.

When you began writing him, did you expect that he would actually respond?
I never actually expected him to respond. There were letters I received from the fan club people with autographed pictures. That was discouraging, but somehow I still felt in my heart that he was reading my letters.

Reading letters from someone you admire it great, and a dream come true for so many. What was it like to finally meet him on your sixteenth birthday, and how did it happen?
Every day in school, I would write on the board, “Theresa Gonsalves loves Michael Jackson” and whoever was assigned to clean the boards after school would never erase it but would add a comment like….”but he doesn’t love her” or “he doesn’t even know her”…so I vowed to meet him by the time I turned sixteen. In July of 1974, I rode to New York to see the Jackson Five perform and even though I knew what hotel he was staying at I decided to go back to Boston instead of trying to be a groupie to meet him. When I arrived home the next morning, I called the hotel. Instead of asking for him, I asked for his road manager who was Reggie Wiggins at the time and they rang his room. He told me Michael was still asleep in the next room. I had their tour schedule in my hand and knew that they were going to be performing at the MGM on my birthday and I asked Mr. Wiggins if I fly to Las Vegas for my sixteenth birthday could I meet Michael Jackson and he said “Honey, if you fly from Boston to Las Vegas just to meet Michael Jackson, I will make sure you meet him.” With that said, I began saving money to make this trip. I wrote letters to the MGM’s President’s secretary who arranged my room and I also wrote letters to every Black mayor I could find throughout the country asking them to contribute $5.00 to my dream. They all wrote back wishing me success with my endeavors but all stated they were unable to contribute. I worked a p
art time job after school and saved all my money sacrificing any new school clothes and I made sure that I had straight A’s in all my classes so I would be able to take a week off of school. In October of 1974, I called the Sahara Tahoe Hotel in Lake Tahoe where the Jackson’s were performing and at this time I did ask for Michael’s room and was shocked when they put me through. When I identified myself to him, he knew exactly who I was. I was in total shock as he recited the dates I was coming to meet him telling me I write it in every letter that I send him! So during the week of Nov 20-Nov 28, I was made their guest as we met for the first time.

How did the relationship between the two of you develop, and can you let us know how it affected the rest of your life?
The relationship developed into a friendship. I continued to write him and he continued reading my letters. I flew other places to hang out with him. I was invited to his home and when he was filming The Wiz, I spent two separate weeks in New York visiting him. Once I was going to fly to London just to meet him there! My relationship with him actually affected me in a good way. I became a strong woman, independent and it surely kept me out of trouble. In wanting him to be proud of me, I never did drugs. I have never smoked cigarettes. And, I can gladly comment that I have never been drunk in my life. On the other side of things, I also never learned how to have a real relationship with men.

Now, that we have set a foundation, Theresa, let’s talk about your son Todd and the song “Billy Jean” and the controversy that followed. First of all, did you know he was going to be writing the song, and how did you feel when you first heard it?
I didn’t know that he was going to be writing the song. I wrote him letters about my situation. At this time I was 23 years old and of course involved with the wrong type of man. I was living also in Encino at the time so I would see Michael from time to time. I didn’t feel betrayed or anything when I
heard the song. I didn’t feel honored. That situation exists with so many women, more so now than in the past, or perhaps it is being put out there more. I had been with this man for over a year and here he was claiming my kid wasn’t his. His song let me know he could understand what I was feeling, but that women often put men in that situation.

Since Michael Jackson has had his negative dealings with the press, were you afraid of how the cloud of curiosity would affect your own family?
No, I didn’t feel that his negative dealings would affect us. We are very open and outspoken. I named my second son Mychal after Michael Jackson but spelled after the ex-lover Mychal Thompson who was from the Bahamas. I named my son after Michael as an honor for how he affected my life. I have been asked my opinion often and I will say that I do not believe Michael to be a child molester. But I will also say that you never truly know what a person is capable of as you take a look at all of the ministers that have sexually abused children. Michael Jackson has always worried about children. I remember being with him in New York and I had bought him a gift which was a book on child abuse and we shared our feelings on that even way back then (around 1977). As for being asked would I let my child visit him…that answer still remains yes but I would not allow him to sleep in bed with him or any man for that matter.

I think I read on your website that in 1984 Star Magazine ran the story saying that you were the real Billy Jean. Star, though not without its credibility issues, has been known to get many stories right. Did you agonize over revealing your identity and how did that change your life from that point? What about your son? Were you afraid of how he would be viewed as he grew older?
I didn’t agonize over that. I asked Michael if he was okay with it and he was. It didn’t change my life much at all. Both my sons have grown up being M
ichael Jackson/Jackson Five fans. Their friends often wondered how such young boys were so into the Jackson Five and now they know. As of today, my son Todd is married with two beautiful children!

All of this has the makings of a great movie, so it is no surprised that you wrote the book OBSESSIONS. What I am curious about is why you call is a novel, and did that make it easier for you to not feel a responsibility to tell the world all the details of your relationship with Michael Jackson?
“ OBSESSIONS” isn’t really about me and Michael Jackson. It is more about how my relationship with him actually led me to have an obsessive behavior towards men. I am not ashamed of my relationship or friendship with Michael Jackson and I shared with the world as long as it didn’t hurt either one of us. It was hard sharing my story of being obsessed with this man who happens to be my son’s father.

Finally, when was the last time you spoke to Michael Jackson, and what has been his response to the book?
I haven’t actually spoken to Michael Jackson since he was arrested. I took my son to meet him for the first time. He seems to have put most people at a distance. I was trying to get in touch with him though because I want to let him know he is not alone. See with Michael, I have never been a “YES” person. I never treated him like a star. He needed to have real people in his life. Yes, I came to love him for who he was, but I love him more for what he did for my life. He was okay with my using the title as such and I know he received a copy of the book…I have not heard any comments from him.




(Pages 40-42)
Dear Michael,

Do you remember how tiered you were when you came home that evening from the set of the Wiz? I was anxious just for you to get back. We talked a lot about your day because you were so excited about the day’s event, that it was hard for me not to get caught up in your excitement. 

We didn’t even eat. We just talked. We joked about my favorite song at the time which was Find Me a Girl. We laughed as you told me how you didn’t even know what you were going to say when your brother’s chimed “What you gonna do?” and ended up with “I’m gonna be good to her.” We were laughing at the way you said ‘I’m gonna be.’. I still chuckle when I hear that.

You decided I would sleep in your bed that night and you would sleep on the couch although I had a small hotel room down the street. You hadn’t wanted me to be there alone when I had come to see you and you had been gone all day. We talked more until we decided we better go to bed. You needed to be rested for the next day’s shoot.

Howeve, we both couldn’t sleep. I could hear you moving about and then you got up to use the bathroom. The bathroom was just off your bedroom.

Your room was really small, not what most people would have imagined you having. You only had a twin size bed while Latoya’s room was very luxurious. She had a big bed with mirror above it.

I laid in your bed listening to you pee. When you came out the bathroom, I saw you glance in at me and you saw that I was awake too, “You can’t sleep either huh?” I asked you as I put my head up.

You smiled at me and came in the room, closing the door behind you. You sat in the chair at your desk which was next to your bed. You again expressed how really excited you were about the set that they had built for you as the scarecrow on the set of the Wiz. I sat up because you wanted to proudly show it to me again. You had shown me earlier.

I got out the bed and stood next to you putting my arm around your waist as you pointed out the features of the replicated set. I was simply taking in your joy. When I let you go, I leaned in to look closer at what you were showing me, we ended up face to face. The pull of the chemistry…it was like it was supposed to happen, that we kissed. Had we not found ourselves in this position earlier and Latoya had walked in? This time there was no distraction. It was a soft surprise kiss to us both as we explored each others mouths gently with our tongues.

We both felt shy, but it didn’t stop what we knew was going to happen and what we both wanted to happen. You took my hand and we got in your bed together both with our heads down. We were mutually quite shy.

I wondered how many other girls you had been with, if any. What about your religion? Weren’t you the one who sent me to seek god?

Other than what you read in my letters, sex was never even something we discussed. If you were still reading my letters, you knew I had been with one other guy. Even then, I felt as if I had betrayed you. But my letters never stopped and you knew my heart was still where you were. Were you shaking more than I was?

We laid there silently embracing, neither of us being the aggressor, as I just let you hold me in your arms. I can still remember feeling the warmth of being there. It was so quiet in your room that all we could hear was our hearts beating. We knew Latoya was in her room not too far away so we were being careful not to make a lot of noise. As far as I knew, the door to the bedroom was unlocked.

You were so nervous. Well I was too, but you seemed more so than I. Funny thing is we were both sure we wanted it to happen, but so unsure of ourselves. Our kissing was slow. We were learning. You said I had soft lips. I was rubbing your arm thinking, for as skinny as you were, you sure had some muscles.

Our body language was awkward as we responded to one another and we became aroused. You unbuttoned my pajamas and yes it was a flannel pajama set I had on that I was embarrassed about when I went to pull down the pants. You hands on my breasts were hot, but soft. I was afraid to touch your penis. But you took my hand, directing me there as I wrapped my fingers around it and gently rubbed.

When it seemed we were ready, I guided you inside of me as I stared right into your eyes. I remember I wasn’t so nervous anymore. We didn’t use any protection. We didn’t exactly plan this. It was gentle, it was loving, but most of all it was with you…the young man of all my life, my letters, my dream.

I didn’t get to sleep in your arms all night. I regret that. We whispered quietly afterwards. You asked if I was okay with what happened and I asked if you were. We both smiled as we responded positively to each other. A night we will never forget. I couldn’t have loved you more than I already loved you at that moment.

(Pages 60-62)
Dear Michael,

Do you realize how much we rode in that darn car? (I am laughing here because I truly hated riding while you drove).

I was vulnerable, but you were still there and you were still driving around Encino at night. I had just gotten a brand new car and was driving around too. I was feeling lonely. Where did we meet up at this time? Oh yes, Genesta Park.

Fate, once again, intervened with us. It was really late and when I pulled up to the park – there you sat, I wasn’t really looking for you. Or perhaps, subconsciously, I was. We hadn’t met at the park in a long, long time. I just wanted to go there and think.

You were just as surprised to see me there. We chatted for a few minutes and then we simply picked up where we left off as you asked if I wanted to go for a ride. This was our usual, even though it had been a really long time.

“Sure.” Really now, what else did I have to do Michael?

You took the back roads once again, but this time up to Mulholland. Yup! You were still driving sporadically, like a crazy person. After this, I vowed to never ride in a car with you again, especially after you took your hands off the damn steering wheel and said, “Sometimes, I wish I was Peter Pan and could fly…” …uhhh, Michael, you did this on Mulholland Drive…winding roads, major drops…yuh.

“Uh, Not with me in the car you don’t. Put your hands back on the wheel!” I yelled just as you did. Were you trying to terrorize me Michael?

“I was just playing. You were never in any danger…” you calmed me laughingly.

I had been on a motorcycle before with someone driving like a maniac through those roads. I was fearful of Mulholland Drive.

I don’t know what happened to 198VZG (That’s what we called your silver Shadow, maroon and black, Rolls Royce by its license plate), but you were driving a Black Landrover or something like that on this night. At least I can look back at that time and laugh now…I wasn’t laughing the mister.

You pulled over into an open, desolate area. Mulholland is known for such spots. At least it used to be. I Haven’t been there in years.

“I still like to drive up here sometimes and just think…” you told me as you laid your seat back and I followed suit. We sat in silence for quite a few minutes. I had closed my eyes, but I could feel you watching me.

I know at this time I had developed a sexiness about me. I was too thin in my own eyes, because I could see bones in my chest…perfect to the world, but I didn’t like it. I had been trying to impress that guy I mentioned early and was working to get him back.

“Where is your son at?” you inquired.

“He’s with his dad” I informed you, “he ain’t singing that song any more…the kid is his damn son!” I remarked sarcastically.

You laughed. We talked about things that were happening in our lives. Rather, you were more interested in knowing what was going on in mine. I told you about Vincent, my obsession. You told me I shouldn’t be with him and not to let him hurt me anymore and to quit doing crazy stuff I was doing. You did, however, find the story about me and Vincent quite amusing.

Do you remember that I was barely dressed? Cute little baby doll sun dress, braless, fake hair, but it looked real enough. Oh so different than when we first met…You looked handsome, still skinny. You had started to change and it was obvious you had some work done but I liked it at that point. Your skin wasn’t changed so much, just a little lighter. I remember at one point we were almost the same shade of brown. Your hair was pushed into a ponytail. I didn’t even think about the burn. You had on red pants, white t-shirt.

“You have been in my life a long time…” you stated.

“Since we met in Las Vegas in 1974 when we were sixteen.” I replied.

“Yeah, but you stopped writing letters. After you first moved here you use to still write and just drive up to the mailbox and put the letters in. I use to see you do that.”

“Yeah, well you weren’t responding and it was getting harder to see you.”

“Well, I didn’t respond a lot before and you never gave up. It was just always understood between us. I always allowed you in and that wasn’t going to change.” Your voice was soft, almost accusatory, as if I truly had abandoned you.

I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I didn’t. Hell, what, we were thirty years old now? You were more the Michael Jackson to me now than you ever were. You were untouchable to most but here we were in a comfort zone with each other as if time stood still.

Life was moving us on but I still cared about you. I wanted to tell you I kept you in my heart in spite of it all. But I didn’t.

I felt the need to reach over to hug you, not sure what you were thinking and as I did, I laid my head on your chest for a few minutes. When I went to move away, you held me tightly and kissed me, completely catching me off guard. After all the time we had spent together, not since the first time had there had been any real intimacy between us other than stolen kisses here and there. Yet, I was quick to respond.

This time our kisses came with an urgency, as if we were trying to recapture innocent moments of what used to be. Both of us seemed to have a strong desire to simply be touched. We weren’t so child like this time as our kissing turned into uncontrolled lust. I boldly undid your pants leaving you to remove them as I pulled off my panties. Then I climbed over and straddled you. You didn’t seem so innocent anymore either and I definatly learned to be that bad girl I tried so hard to become. I’d call this moment of reckless abandonment as we fumbled around inside the truck, caught up once again. Here we were making love like we were in high school. Imagine the media circus had a police car pulled over!

I rested on top of you afterwards. You ran your hand down my hair. We laid there comfortably until my legs began to get stiff and I moved off you so we could pull ourselves together and straighten out our clothes.

You wanted to stay there for a while longer so we did. I wasn’t in any hurry. I you didn’t know, I was just happy sitting there with you. I know it was one of a few moments you could just simply be ’Michael’.

When you dropped me off at my car, we both just smiled. I leaned over and kissed you goodbye As the gentleman you were, you waited until I got in my car and watched me take off first. There were no promises that I would see you again. We never did that. I knew that we would always find each other along the way, even if to just give a smile.

I never meant to let you down Michael.



I AM LOST FOR WORDS, I can’t even think properly LMAO!!! OMMFFFGG!!!

So i’m transferring some info from my old computer to my new one and there was this old document i opened of this phone transcript between Michael and his friend Glenda in the early 90s (i think). Anyway, long story short, Mike supposedly had a secret relationship with this woman called “S” (they never said her real name) and in this excerpt he’s telling Glenda about their first time. 

Michael- (sníží hlas) Okay, když (nesrozumitelné) nahoře, svlékla mě... Styděl jsem se, ale nechal jsem jí (nesrozumitelné), nestyděla se, myslím, že byla opravdu nažhavená. Opravdu (nesrozumitelné) mé šaty dolů (směje se) … byla agresivní……..a chystala se mě líbat…. Tam….. ale ……… zvednul jsem jí …a řekl jsem jí, ať si lehne na záda, byla (nesrozumitelné) úžasná. Byl jsem nervózní, ona se skoro třásla, tak jsem ... ah ... jí políbil a řekl jí, ať zavře oči, a prostě mě políbí... (odkašlává si) (pauza)

Glenda- Počkej!! Potřebuju víc (nesrozumitelné) (hodně hluku, telefon padá, nebo možná Glenda?) Oh, promiň, ahaah... jsem dneska nemotorná.

Michael - Jsi v pořádku, holka? (směje se)

Glenda- Okay už žádné přerušování... Nemůžu uvěřit tomu, že mi konečně vyprávíš!! (nesrozumitelné)

Michael- Okay..(odkašlává si),……..Tak jsem jí líbal…… a můžu říct, že její tělo reagovalo (nesrozumitelné) na mě. Dotknul jsem se jí a ona byla tak (nesrozumitelné)... tak citlivá.... Věděl jsem, že je v pořádku.... (nesrozumitelné). Chtěl jsem jí potěšit, příliš se styděla na to, abych použil (zastřené)- (smích) tak jsem dal své ruce (nesprozumitelné) na ní (nesrozumitelné). Opravdu jsem chtěl, aby se uvolnila, ale trvalo jí to tak dlouho... Chtěl jsem explodovat (nesrozumitelné). Rozhodl jsem se, že zkusím to, o čem jsme se bavili (nesrozumitelné) a musel jsem jí držet... její nehty mi zajížděly do ramen, ale nepustil jsem jí ………………………. (nesrozumitelné) Ujistil jsem se, že byla potěšená (zastřené).

Glenda- (nesrozumitelné) Mýlila jsem se v tom, že jsi okolo ní plachý. Jsem si jístá, že byla spokojená..... s tvým věnováním! ...

(smích) (nesrozumitelná věta)


Porno, které bylo nalezeno při domovní prohlídce Neverlandu v roce 2003 a které patřilo Michaelu Jacksonovi. Je velmi důležité, protože ukazuje, že Michael Jackson byl úplně normální muž a měl zájem o ženy (absolutně nic proti jinak orientovaným lidem, tady jde opravdu jen o MJ a pravdu o něm).

Zdroj: Částečně přeložené, číslování je ze soudních spisů.

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12 537 Hustler, April 1998
13 (Bez obálky) v pořadači 3699
14 538 Penthouse, March 1992 v pořadači 3699
15 539 Juggs, June 1996
16 v pořadači 3699
17 540 44 Plus, June 1996v pořadači 3699
18 541 Plumpers, May 1996
19 v pořadači 3698
20 542 Club International, March 1998 v pořadači 3698
543 Live Young Girls, September
22 2003 v pořadači 3701
23 544 Finally Legal, July 2003 v notebooku 3702
24 545 Finally Legal Freshman Class
25 Orgy, August 2002 v pořadači 3702
26 546 Purely 18, October 2002 3703 v pořadači
27 547 Purely 18, December 2002
28 v pořadači 3703

3 548 Tight, November 2002
4 v pořadači 3703
5 549 Hawk, November 2002 v pořadači 3704
6 550 Hawk, January 2003
7 v pořadači 3704
8 551 Live Young Girls, June 2003 v pořadači 3704
9 554 Girlfriends v pořadači 3709
10 555 Live Young Girls v pořadači 3709
11 556 Parade 3709
12 557 Finally Legal, February 2003
13 v pořadači 3710
14 558 Girls of Barely Legal v pořadači 3710
15 559 Hawk, February 2003 v pořadači 3710
16 560 Girlfriends, Special Editions
17 v pořadači 3711
18 563 Bílý pořadač obsahující The Girls of Penthouse, August
19 2003 v pořadači 3708
20 564 Bílý pořadač obsahující Barely Legal, July 2000
21 v pořadači 3708
24 Gallery 5/2002 3708
25 580 Pořadač obsahující Playboy
26 Couples Volume 2, Issue 2 3707
27 584 Original evidence bag 3707
28 3602
1 E X H I B I T S
4 585 Bílý pořadač obsahující containing Barely Legal, Anniversary
5 2002 3707
6 586 Original evidence bag 3705
7 587 Bílý pořadač obsahující Naughty Neighbors, December
15 317-O, Hustler Barely Legal 3621 3643


Pimps Up, Hos Down (dokument)
4 Barely Legal DVDs (Fresh Picked Pink, Dirty Teens Come Clean, Hot! Wet! Tight! Pink! and Fuck Me I’m Legal)
Michael Ryan’s Believe It Or Not
Sloppy Dogs Presents: Fuck Me, I’m a Bad Girl
Adult World #2

Internet:, and (Teen porn znamená 18 - 19 let)

PC: Jeden PC hard disk obsahoval 1,700 fotografií “erotického materiálu pro dospělé,” řekl okresní prokurátor kraje Santa Barbary, Gordon Auchincloss

1 Item #346: MacIntosh Power Book G3 laptop nalezený v Jacksonově hlavní ložnici
2 obsahoval:
21 obrázky nahých žen z internetové stránky “Teen Sex”.
4 Item #347a: Power Mac G4 z Jacksonovy hlavní ložnice obsahoval:
5 19 fotografie nahých žen;
9 Item #347b: Power Mac G4 z Jacksonovy hlavní ložnice:
10 10 fotografie teenage sex; zdokumentován uživatel “King 777 tut / privacy 969.”